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"What ever you want in life if you want it bad enough you can get it.

You just need to DESIRE it, DREAM about it and VISUALISE it."

TV and Radio Presenter Michael Kurn has gone from playing Tyro League football to presenting the Premier League across the globe.




By having a Desire a Dream and a Vision. By following the Desire Dream Vision philosophy you can put a plan in to place to make the chances of your success that much greater.  DDV was born after Michael was invited back to his old school to do a talk on his career and journey so far. From there it has grown and developed in to what it is today.



The talk takes you through Michael's journey so far and will show you how he has done it. He will point out the key life skills and lesson's needed to make any goal or dream achiveable and will leave you with the knowledge to go and make it all happen. From having a plan to dealing with failure. He points out the advantages of sacrifice and shows how it all takes time.


The talk is accesable to anyone, from school's, college's and businesses. To date Desire Dream Vision has inspired thosands of people to follow thier dreams and ambitions no matter how big or small. Sessions can last from just 20 minutes to a full half day workshop.


To find out more and to arrange for Michael to come and give a guest speech or lecture please get in touch via the contact page.



After the success of Michael's talk he has written a book which goes in to more depth on the Desire Dream Vision philosophy. Explaining all the principles in more detatil Desire Dream Vision will be the first step you take in making your dreams reality. With contributions from by Eddie Howe, Sam Ward and many others.



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